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Quality management focuses not only on the quality of a product, service or customer satisfaction, but on the means to obtain it. Therefore, quality management uses quality assurance and process control to obtain more consistent quality. A quality standard is a document, established by consensus and approved by a recognized body (national or international). Provides for common and repeated use, a series of rules, guidelines or characteristics for quality activities or their results, in order to achieve an optimal degree of order in the context of quality.

Next, we will talk a little about the quality regulations in force in Honduras, its current status and the main entities that regulate it.

Quality Standards Management Honduras
Quality Standards Management Honduras

General purpose:

Know the current situation in Honduras in the face of the application of quality regulations and the main entities that regulate it.

Quality Standards Management in Honduras

What standards do companies use in our country?

The Honduran Standards development process has been established in OHN Directives, Part 1; and the principles and rules for its structure and drafting, in OHN Directives, Part 2. These Directives correspond to the ISO / IEC Directives at the international level. Such development is managed according to the OHN-ISO 9001: 2015 Standard, Quality management systems – Requirements.

  • OHN Standards: These are the national technical standards of Honduras, proposed by the Technical Committees made up of national experts and established by the Honduran Standardization Organization. Currently there are about 120 OHN standards, which cover mainly the agri-food sector (coffee, fruit, etc.), and which are for sale through the OHN.
  • ISO Standards: These are the technical standards approved by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). ISO standards have the great advantage of being designed by experts from around the world, which automatically renders them voluntary on a planetary scale. Its use is enormously widespread, reaching today the figure of 22,000 issued standards. The OHN is a member of the ISO, being the official body for its official sale but also the privileged actor that can advise national operators in the implementation of ISO standards.
  • IEC Standards: The IEC is a sister organization to ISO that develops International Standards for all electrical, electronic and similar technologies. As with ISO standards, IEC standards have the advantage of a global focus. THE OHN is a member of the IEC: all IEC Standards can be purchased directly from the online store or through us by completing and submitting the form.
  • ASTM Standards: The American Association for Materials Testing (ASTM) is another of the major players in standardization worldwide. ASTM standards extensively cover the identification of materials and their treatment in industry, having already reached 12,500 standards. Is one of the most active members of ISO in the technical committees closest to industrial production.

What is the current situation regarding this issue?

The National Quality System Law, approved by Congress, strengthens companies in the area of ​​certifications. The highlight of the law drawn up with the support of specialists from the German Institute of Metrology is the creation of the Institute of Quality, which obliges the State to allocate funds for the development of metrology, accreditation and standardization mechanisms.

Quality Standards Management Honduras

According to Laprensahn.com: “Virgilio Umanzor, president of the National Competitiveness Commission, stressed that with the approval of said law, Small and Medium Enterprises, SMEs, will be strengthened to respond with quality products in the local market to the entry of new competitors, guaranteeing consumer protection. Article 1 of the law says that “the necessary infrastructure for the development and demonstration of quality is established in order to promote the competitiveness of national companies, providing confidence in the transaction of goods and services.”

Currently, only 84 companies are ISO 9001 certified in Honduras.

Are there entities or organizations that promote the culture of quality in Honduras?

  • SNC: It is the house of quality in the country, where the three organizations that together make up the Quality Infrastructure are housed. The SNC develops, coordinates, and promotes activities that foster a culture of continuous improvement, demonstration of technical competence, and above all, it seeks to improve the quality of life of Hondurans. Its mission is to provide service and support to the public, private, academic and civil society sectors through the tools that the National Quality Infrastructure has to provide a better standard in the quality of life of Hondurans.
  • OHN: The Honduran Standardization Organization (OHN) is responsible for standardization in Honduras. It is part of the National Quality System, facilitating the participation of operators and public and private actors in the development and adoption of technical standards through technical committees that bring together experts and interested parties. The OHN is, by law, the National Standards Organization of Honduras, a governmental technical organization. This as an integral body of the National Quality System (SNC), is part of the National Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation (SENACIT) through the Honduran Institute of Science, Technology and Innovation (IHCIETI) according to the Executive Decree PCM -68-2015. Through the IHCIETI, the OHN manages the resources necessary for its operation. In the OHN they develop standards that contribute to, or exceed, compliance with market and regulatory requirements. Providing, in our efforts, satisfaction to our customers and making relevant improvements in our performance.


  • In Honduras, since the approval of the National Quality System Law, work has continued on the continuous quality management process and more and more companies are adapting this regulation.
  • The National Quality System (SNC) is the main entity in charge of quality regulations in the country.
  • The set of national and international standards adopt management principles that are used by organizations as a guide to improve their performance.


Quality Standards Management Honduras ISO Standards



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